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All I could say is wow! Chicago credit repair 79 got my credit repair started for only $49 when I signed up online which was so simple.  My score started at 635 and within four months I was almost at 700.  They kept me informed via email and text messaging plus I was able to log into my file and review everything anytime I wanted to. This is a great company easy to work

Scott K

I was in the market to purchase a home and needed a huge boost on my credit and some of my past history was preventing me from becoming a home owner until i was referred to Chicagocreditrepair79.com. The whole team is awesome. They were there every time I needed them and they were very prompt with their responses. They were able to clear a lot of items from my credit report making it possible for me to obtain my home. Cannot thank them enough. i would recommend to anybody that needs credit repair. The process is very simple and quick

Karen P


I worked with Chicagocreditrepair79.com, and they are amazing! They explained the process to me and they said to me that they would do everything to repair my credit. Two months later, many negative and derogatory items, as well as, inquiries have been removed from my credit report. I highly recommend Chicagocreditrepair79.com to anyone who needs their credit repaired. They are a hundred time better than Lexington Law who I used at one time to repair my credit. They take forever to remove just a few items. And with Nationwide it took only a couple of months to remove many items. Very, very impressed! Thanks !

Jim S


If you have credit problems definitely give Chicago credit repair 79 a chance. I was able to start for only $49 which was unbelievable nobody offered such a low price to start. My disputes were sent out the same day and I was informed by email stating which accounts they went after.  I looked at some of the free websites where you can challenge the information yourself I felt it was very complicated and time-consuming.  For what Chicago credit repair 79 charges it's well worth it let them do the work they are the professionals

Barry C



Chicago Credit Repair 79 has been amazing. The CEO has helped me from day one. He's extremely knowledgeable and amazingly humble. Every part of this process has been full disclosure!!! I'm in 30 days now and I'm seeing results! I'm satisfied thus far and look forward to the completion. This is money well spent.

Amy P