Chicago credit repair founder Todd Stern the host of Chicago's number one public access show Credit Talk.

Todd will discuss in these videos very important information for the consumers on improving your credit reports are using credit repair, adding good credit and managing your credit at the same time.

On this show we are discuss what a Credit report is and who uses them. A credit report is a way for potential creditors determine your ability to pay back a loan. They will review your credit report and most importantly your score. If your credit score meets their guidelines they will then issue you a credit.

Maintaining a good credit score.


Mortgage broker Tracy Campagna joins Credit Talk's Todd Stern to discuss the home loan process and how your credit, including past bankruptcies and short sales, affects this process.


Discussion on mortgage loans and the importance of good credit.

Great information from Todd on how to stay financially responsible, debt free and credit score high.
Tracy Campagna and Todd Stern

Tracy Campagna and Todd Stern

This addition a Credit Talk Todd and Dennis discussed ways to buy a car. What are the questions to ask? Should they car dealer pull my credit report when I'm just test driving. How do you get good interest rates? If your credit is bad or you going to be able to buy a car?
And this addition of Credit Talk post Todd Stern discussed the hacking into Equifax. We discussed how to check your file to see if you were a victim and what to do if you were. We also discussed the benefits of credit repair.